Visiteremo insieme: il centro storico di Alghero con la Basilica di Santa Maria e la Chiesa di San Francesco ed i palazzi lungo le vie medievali. Termineremo la giornata al Museo Archeologico!

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Algher historic center and Archaeological Museum - Half Day

This half-day tour is designed to discover the fundamental parts of the history of Alghero. We'll be focused in the heart of the city discovering the history of medieval streets and palaces of the most powerful families. We will start from Piazza Civica, home of the most important buildings, here we will study Palazzo De Ferrera, Palazza Lavagna and, moving towards Piazza Duomo, Palazza Serra. In these streets the Gothic-Catalan style dominates and embellishes the historic center.

In Piazza Duomo we cannot help but visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria. Together with the smaller San Francesco, it is the symbol of the religiosity of the Catalan city, a Spain that was always linked to the State of the Church. The Gothic-Catalan manifests itself in the great bell tower and in the magnificent rear portal adjacent to it.

After visiting the Cathedral we will continue to the Piazza del Teatro and then to the Archaeological Museum. Of recent construction, these houses finds of great importance that come from the surrounding territory. The Nurra was in fact inhabited since 6000 BC, our ancestors loved to live in the caves (Grotta Verde di Capo Caccia) from where fictile material comes from. The Museum is divided into three levels that deal with: the sea, the ways of living and the world of the sacred and death.

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