Conosceremo nel profondo tutta la città di Alghero. Scopriremo le vie medievali, i palazzi dei nobili, i musei principiali, le chiese e le mure medievali!

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The city of Alghero - Daily Tour

Daily tour allows us to discover the whole history of Alghero and its territory. We will examine nature and culture, history and prehistory. We will begin our visit from the Archaeological Museum of Alghero, exploring the geology and history of the Alghero region, we will analyze the appearance of man on the territory (from 6000 BC) and the first archaeological evidence, passing through the Roman, the 'Giudicati', of the Doria of Genoa , Aragonese and finally of Casa Savoia.

Leaving the Museum we will visit the adjacent Church of San Michele to move along Via Carlo Alberto and visit the important Church of San Francesco and its late fifteenth-century cloister. The church heals the deep bond that the city had with Catholicism; the simplicity of the Catalan Gothic emphasizes the link with the Blessed Friar Francesco.

From the church we will walk along 'Vicolo del Teatro' coming out into the square of the same name. Here is located the Civic Theater built in 1862, it's built with a unique supporting structure entirely made of wood. Going up Via Principe Umberto we will meet Palazzo Machin which will impress us with its late Gothic portal and Renaissance windows.

Viale Principe Umberto reaches the magnificent portal Gorito which is the rear entrance of the Cathedral of Santa Maria. Here we will visit the bell tower that will allow us to enjoy a wonderful view. We will then cross the cathedral and exit the neoclassical Pronao by entering Piazza Duomo.

Moving towards the Civic Square we will meet Palazzo Serra, Palazzo De Ferrera and Palazzo Lavagna: a great expo of Catalan-Gothic in all its forms. From here we will take the Porta Marina (obligatory access for all the merchants as headquarters of the Customs) and we will end our Tour along the medieval walls that will give us an incredible panorama.

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