Scopriremo il centro storico di Alghero, la Cattedrale di Santa Maria e di San Francesco ed il Museo Archeologico. Visiteremo l'area archeologica di Nuraghe Palmavera e la necropoli di Anghelu Ruju!

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Alghero and the Nurra

The tour is designed for those who want to discover the history of the Nurra area, this region was inhabited as early as 6000 BC. The pre-Nuragic civilizations leave us funerary and megalithic structures that we will discover together. The morning will be dedicated to the discovery of Nuraghe Palmavera, an archaeological area where the Sardinian Nuragic people built an important village; these is unique beacuse of the ‘meeting hut’: a structure used by the village Elders in which they took the most important decisions concerning the life of Palmavera.

Not far from Nuraghe Palmavera we will visit the very important archaeological area of ​​Anghelo Ruju. The Necropolis is composed by 30 hypogeal tombs called Domus de Janas. In pre-nuragic and nuragic civilizations, these structures represented the part of cultuality relative to the afterlife. Domus have two types of access: well and dromos. Given the precious and unique bull-like engraving and the columns inside the tombs, Anghelo Ruju represents the highest artistic expression of the sepulchral culture of all of northern Sardinia.

The other half of the day will be dedicated to the discovery of the historic center of Alghero, walking through the medieval streets we will admire the plazas of the most powerful families: Palau De Ferrera, Lavagna, Piazza Duomo and Palau Serra. In these streets the Gothic-Catalan style dominates and embellishes the historic center.

Once we reach Piazza Duomo we will be able to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria which, together with the smaller San Francesco, denotes a profound religiosity of the population related to the Aragonese Crown always linked to the Papal States. In the bell tower and in the entrance portal on the theater there is in all its elegance the Gothic-Catalan style.

After Piazza del Teatro and spending words on it, we will visit the Archaeological Museum in its entirety. The first floor is dedicated to the sea, the second on 'the ways of living' and the third to 'life after death' related to the necropolis (Anghelu Ruju of all) that characterize the Alghero area.



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